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Fine Art Invest Group (FAIG)  –  Professional wealth protection through art

The most important keyfacts at a glance:

• Security in tangible assets, instead of complicated forms of investment

No correlation to other asset classes

FAIG performance 2023: ø +8.65%

Benefit from our 20 years of expertise in the thriving art market

All-round service & individual support from purchasing up to sale

Average annual performance of 10.85% - proven for over 50 years

Art is one of the oldest and at the same time most stable tangible assets.

Wealthy people all over the world have always secured a part of their wealth in this special tangible asset.

In this context, art - detached from the capital markets - shows a low fluctuation in value development.

Why invest in art?

FAIG focuses on Post War & Contemporary Art. This art genre has the most stable performance over the past 50 years.

All works of art are stored in a state-secured bonded warehouse and are 100% internationally insured.

Art not only convinces as a store of value, but also with annual increases in value, some of which are in double figures.

Annual costs for insurance, storage and management of your art portfolio are only 1.5%

of the current value.

You are 100% owner and can therefore dispose of your art portfolio at any time and sell it at any time if necessary.

Completely transparent market thanks to edition management (= number and price of available works can be called up at any time)

Art Investment

FAIG Art Portfolios:
ø Performance 2023:   +8.65%

FAIG is an art dealer and art consultant with the experience of three generations. It enables private individuals to enter the art market professionally for the first time through an international network of art experts. FAIG offers an all-round service ranging from consultation and purchase to insurance and storage of artworks in a state-secured bonded warehouse.

Get to know us at one of our numerous "Art Events"

In addition to the classic initial consultation, you can also get to know us at our attractively organised art events. Here you can learn first-hand about art investment and experience numerous original works of art at close quarters. You are welcome to have a look at our past art events:

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«Contemporary art is a realistic, non-correlated, highly profitable and tax-privileged investment alternative to shares. »

Roland Berger, Business consulting