the art investment

Securing wealth through art 

In addition to equities, real estate and financial assets, art has offered a meaningful opportunity for asset diversification for decades. Especially banks, insurance companies and wealthy clients have been using this effect for decades to further secure their assets. The Fine Art Invest Group enables you, from an amount of € 20,000 upwards, to become independent of fluctuations on the stock markets and monetary influences - through art.

Art in direct comparison to shares

Mei Moses World® & Collecting Category Indexes vs. shares

Secure and highly successful

The art market and especially the Post-War & Contemporary Art sector have developed very positively in recent decades. Compared to the financial markets, there were hardly any fluctuations. Experts even assume that there are no dependencies of the art market on the financial markets. In addition, the purchase of art can serve as an important factor for asset diversification and also offers a high degree of positive emotionality.

Art beats stock market values – ø Performance 2000 – 2023

Scarcely any other asset class has been able so sustainably multiply the capital invested. The value increase for artworks has been constant and even achieves an astounding profit, when other investment products suffer huge losses because of economic crises. The art market is growing and performing with over 10.98% growth per year for over 20 years, which has been proven (Deloitte Art & Finance Report). With its art management, FAIG AG once again exceeded this value and achieved an average performance of just under ø 11.43% since the year 2000.

« If you're looking  for something consistent, you'd better invest in art. »

Alan Greenspan, frm. FED CEO