The FAIG Certificate of Authenticity

All customers receive a certificate of authenticity for their purchased artworks. FAIG stands for doubtless quality of your works of art and that is guaranteed. If the details are not correct, the quality of the artwork is inferior or it is even a counterfeit, we guarantee the return at the purchase price (including inflation compensation). This certificate proves the high quality the customer receives from FAIG. This represents a further step in terms of asset security.      


As a customer, you will receive the FAIG certificate of authenticity upon delivery and confirmation of the goods by our customs-licensed art logistics partner Cosmotrans AG.


  •  Guarantee of authenticity 
  •  Certified provenance
  •  Certificate for each purchased work of art
  •  Take-back guarantee for incorrect value-determining details
  •  Refund of the purchase price incl. inflation compensation

« One of the greatest keepers of value is art. »

Larry Fink, CEO BlackRock