The purchase of an art portfolio

FAIG AG offers art portfolios of internationally renowned artists pre-curated by art experts. The works of art of museum quality can already be purchased from € 20,000. Customers always decide for themselves whether their art portfolios are to be professionally stored and insured in a Swiss bonded warehouse or whether the artworks are to be delivered. 


The purchase of art portfolios, which are then stored in a bonded warehouse, is 100% VAT-free. In addition, the profit from a subsequent sale of the works of art is also 100% tax-free (holding period of at least one year). FAIG AG offers its customers an all-round service from consultation, handling, purchasing, storage, museum exhibitions, insurance to support in the sale of artworks.

« If you're looking  for something consistent, you'd better invest in art. »

Alan Greenspan, frm. FED CEO