Art as an investment in tangible assets

« Last year, €51 billion were spent on the global art market.

7% more than in the previous year, 150% more than ten years ago, 600% more than in the early 1990s. »


Art is one of the oldest and at the same time most stable material assets and enjoys more popularity than ever. Wealthy people all over the world have always secured part of their wealth in this special asset. Art - detached from the developments of the capital markets - registers a fluctuation-poor value development.


Fine Art Invest Group AG (FAIG) is an art dealer and art consultant. For the first time, it enables private individuals to enter the art market professionally through an international network of art experts. The Fine Art Invest Group AG offers an all-round service from consultation, through purchase, to insurance and storage of artworks in a state-secured bonded warehouse. 


We invite you to profit from the positive developments on the art market.


Fine Art Invest Group AG - The Art Trading House.

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Dr. Nikolai Rainov

Chairman of the Board

Fine Art Invest Group AG

Company Portrait

FAIG regards art as a safe currency. A currency that can be traded worldwide - across all borders - and has a high potential for appreciation. FAIG offers its investors expertly selected international art for sale. All works of art are insured by international insurance companies. The focus of the portfolio creation is the intrinsic value of the works of art. 

FAIG operates actively in the international art market with a focus on "Contemporary Photography" (photography since 1950). This market is defined by artistic quality criteria with worldwide validity. In order to operate successfully in the art market in the long term and to create value in the sense of attractive capital security, in addition to the experience above all transparency in the evaluation, expertise, trading logic and trade dynamics are essential prerequisites.

Our Service

  • Exclusive Art Advisor for Art Funds and Family Offices    
  • Exclusive Art Advisor for Asset Managers and Private Banks    
  • Manages art for international clients    
  • International purchase and sale of works of art    
  • Exclusive contracts with renowned artists
  • Cooperation with international insurance companies, bonded warehouses, global banks, etc.    
  • Partnerships with global banks to process transactions    
  • Worldwide network of artists, gallery owners, curators, distribution partners and auction houses    
  • International lender (among others largest international Vivian Maier exhibition 2016)

Art Investment Interview: Dr. Remko Van Ekelen (Amergeris) and Oliver T. Roehl (FAIG)

« There are no serious investment alternatives other than art and real estate. »

Hedge Fund Manager Julian Robertson