Especially the purchase of art photography can be satisfying in many ways. As a newer art form, photography is well documented, i.e. the number of works of art created is known and the origin of the pictures is also certified. Art photography is often published in so-called editions, in contrast to unique pieces, which are common in the fields of painting or sculpture. Edition means that a motif is produced in the same size and quality, whereby a price determination can be made binding. Only small editions by internationally traded artists are considered. Photographic works of art are also characterized by the fact that they are still relatively inexpensive with high artistic quality and international significance.

Exemplary performance of photography

What are the advantages of buying art photography? 

  • Aspiring young art movement 
  • Attractive performance in recent decades 
  • Transparent market through edition management (= number and price of available works can be called up at any time) 
  • Growing number of photography awards (Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, Sony World Photography Award) 
  • Manageable number of market participants compared to painting and sculpture 
  • Currently low price level: internationally established photographic artworks already starting at € 2,000

« Art is the new currency. »

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ